OUR VISION is to build strong believers for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

20/20 Partnership

How much is it worth to you to change someone’s life? Here at United Hope International Christian Center we believe that for less than $1 a day, $5 a week, or $20 a month, you can impact the lives of people, by becoming a 20/20 Partner with us. This partnership program is strategically designed to impact the outside walls of the church. We are charged to share this glorious Gospel of Hope throughout the Treasure Coast and abroad! This partnership allows us to team up and get into the homes of the unbelievers!

It’s true many ministries offer partnership as a way to support their mission but too often there is a failure to truly appreciate the covenant relationship that is being formed when that partnership begins. That is why we offer partnership with an attitude of reverence and excitement, for when you make the choice to partner with us here at United Hope. At United Hope we understand that our futures become joined. We also understand that you are not only partnering with us, but us with you. Our successes, failures, pains, and joys are experienced together as we do the work of the Kingdom. That is why we here at United Hope are choosing to make our Partners a priority. A Partner is not just a monthly check and a weekly prayer; you are our co- laborers in Christ.

As a 20/20 Partner, you have the opportunity to get God’s supernatural power going into places removing burdens, destroying yokes, creating economic growth and freeing people from shame and guilt. Get a vision of hope being preached on every continent, get a vision of your $20 a month working every day to provide freedom for families in need. We believe that your equivalent of the widow’s mite, given to this ministry will impact billions for the Kingdom of God and expect an explosion of supernatural abundance to take place in your life.